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Bambull switch long sleeve pineneedle

899,00 kr

Tufte Bambull® Switch is a wool baselayer with a two-layer construction. Bamboo rayon on one side ensures incredible itch-free softness against the skin, and super fine merino wool on the other side gives you perfect warmth. Switch sides when needed, as this long sleeved sweater can be worn on both sides.

Tufte's Bambull® Switch garments are perfect for all types of outdoor activities; hiking, skiing, bike rides and much more. This round necked sweater fits perfectly underneath a warmer sweater or a windproof jacket.

The garment is categorized as warmer than our classic Tufte Bambull®. This is due to the ability to reverse the garment and get merino wool next to skin – this will give an even higher degree of warmth. If you have sensitive skin, the wool side of the garment may itch. Bambull® Switch is therefore not guaranteed itch-free. This guarantee only applies to the classic version of Tufte Bambull®.

Labeling garments with info regarding materials and care instructions is required by law, so there's a label in the neck. To remove the label, cut carefully with a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper. The label is sewn on with a separate seam so it can be removed without damaging the sweater.

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