Twentyfour is a sports and leisure brand inspired by Norwegians love of nature. They design stylish and functional outdoor clothing that fits perfectly whether you’re hiking the hills, hitting the slopes or working up a sweat. Their collection has a wide selection of ethical and sustainable products, designed and developed in Norway. Twentyfour offers versatile, comfortable and durable outdoor clothing, suitable for all adventures.
twentyfour products

About Twentyfour

Twentyfour is owned by Norwegian Concept AS, which since 2006 has designed and developed hiking, winter, and children’s clothing. In addition to Twentyfour, they own two other Norwegian brands, Gullkorn design, and Daniel Franck.

Twentyfour is a popular and fast-growing clothing brand for outdoor activities that inspires good experiences, every day, all year. Norwegians love to be out in nature, which has inspired Twentyfour to design and develop high-quality technical clothing for Norwegian conditions.

Norwegians and nature

Norwegians love their nature and are very proud of it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Norwegians are one of the world’s most sporty and outdoorsy nations, not unexpected when we look at the beautiful nature they are surrounded by. Norway is a country of intense beauty, with famously steep mountains and deep fjords carved out and shaped by an ancient ice age. This is one of the many reasons why Norway is a popular destination for travellers all over the world. Norwegian nature can be just as wild as it is beautiful.

To hike up the mountain plateaus in Norway is breathtaking, but be aware of the sudden change in weather. Even during summer, the temperature can drop drastically, rain can come out from nowhere and fog can completely block your view. The weather can be hard to predict at times, which makes versatile outdoor clothing an essential part of the Norwegian lifestyle.

Twentyfour products

Twentyfour design and develop their clothes in Kristiansand, Norway, and are inspired by the typical Norwegian lifestyle, nature and weather conditions. Their collections are about good craftsmanship that combines leisure and fashion with an outdoorsy and active lifestyle. Hard work over time has resulted in quality garments with technical properties that are perfectly suited to the changing Norwegian climate. Twentyfour is a popular and fast growing outdoor clothing brand that merges Norwegian traditions with timeless designs, color combinations and technology.

The two most popular collections from Twentyfour, Flåm and Finse, are available in the Mall of Norway online store.


This collection is inspired by the beautiful, natural, Norwegian mountains that offer exceptional hiking experiences. The designers of Twentyfour have created a collection that is suitable for long hikes across the mountains and plateaus, but also perfect for shorter trips in the forest and in the countryside. With beautiful color palettes inspired by Norwegian nature, these garments are as stylish as they are functional.


The Finse collection includes technical and practical garments that are just as beautiful and comfortable to wear in the mountains, as they are in urban cities. Finse is Twentyfour best selling collection with a wide selection of versatile clothing.


Inspired by Norwegian nature, Twentyfour wants to contribute to a more sustainable future, and work continuously to protect and improve the environment, climate and society. Twentyfour works actively to ensure that their clothes are not harmful to the environment, and several of their garments are marked with Øko-tex 100. This is one of the world’s most famous labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer trust and high product safety. Most of Twentyfour’s outerwear is treated with fluorine-free impregnation. Fluorocarbons are harmful to the environment, they do not decompose and are kept in nature forever.

Twentyfour focuses on producing sustainable clothing and ensuring a value chain that is in line with ethical principles. Animal protection and reducing their carbon footprint are important for the company.


What products does Twentyfour sell?

Twentyfour sells trousers, jackets, shorts and accessories. Their products are suitable for all outdoor activities. You can find their best-selling collections Flåm and Finse in our online store.

Where can I buy Twentyfour products?

You can find their products at the Mall of Norway store.

Does Twentyfour use sustainable materials?

Yes! Twentyfour is very interested in the environment, their materials and production are carefully selected. They are members of Ethical Trade Norway and the textile group Swerea. They do not want to take advantage of poor animal welfare or the environment, and are very conscious of their choices.

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