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If you want traditional and cozy Norwegian sweaters and cardigans, Arctic Circle has many options to choose from. They design typical Norwegian garments made of 100% Norwegian wool, deep-rooted in tradition. The traditional patterns and embroidery Arctic Circle uses in their garments are inspired by Norwegian nature and cultural heritage.
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House of Yarn and Arctic Circle

House of Yarn is the leading supplier of hand knitting yarn and accessories in the Nordic countries. They supply the needlework market and DIY, where the product is yarn, knitting needles and patterns for the innovative and creative consumers. They also sell knitwear collections for sport, leisure and classic fashion. Arctic Circle is one of their most popular collections, focusing on typical Norwegain knitting patterns.

Arctic Circle products

Arctic Circle consists of garments with traditional patterns and designs, and the quality of the designs originated in traditional Norwegian handicrafts. They use the most popular Norwegian knitting patterns, such as the Setesdal pattern and the eight-leaf rose from Selbu, also named Selburose. Arctic Circle mainly design knitted sweaters and cardigans with a unisex fit for a traditional look. In addition to sweaters and cardigans, they produce matching hats, scarves, mittens and gloves in the same authentic design. This gives you a complete traditional outfit that will keep you warm on colder days.

Norwegian cultural heritage

Knitting wool has been dated back to the 1500s, and is an important part of the Norwegian cultural heritage. The Setesdal sweater is one of the most famous sweater patterns attributed to Norwegian knitting. The body of this sweater incorporates the lice pattern – single stitches at regular intervals that are knitted in a contrasting color to give a kind of a flecked effect. This simple pattern appears repeatedly in Norwegian traditional knitwear.

The first woolen sweaters were made of homespun wool in natural gray, white and black, just like the colour of the sheep. Soon after, Norwegians started experimenting with natural dyes, and produced sweaters in navy, dull red or dark green, combined with white. Even today, with so many different colours in the fashion industry, red, navy and white remain popular colour combinations.

Norwegian knitwear is trendy, and 43 percent of Norwegian women knit, or make woolen garments in other ways. Norway is known for their “Norwegian authentic sweaters”, mainly because of the typical traditional patterns and quality of the wool. The sweaters are made out of 100% wool, are very durable and can last for generations if well taken care of.

Knitting patterns

Arctic Circle designs are concentrated around Norwegian traditional knitting patterns. Their two most common patterns are Setesdal and Selburose.

The Selburose pattern

Selburose is an ornament shaped like a star or rosette with eight pointed leaves, which has traditionally been used on knitted garments from Selbu, south of Norway. Selburose occurs in various shapes, pattern combinations and colors, and has become an international symbol of Norway.

The Setesdal pattern

The Setesdals pattern is a combination of eight-leaf roses, crosses, pretzels and lice.This is one of the most famous and beloved Norwegian patterns, and has been knitted for generations. The popular and most worn sweater in Norway, the Marius sweater, is inspired by the Setesdals pattern. The Marius sweater have a strong cultural value and an iconic status, it is worn by everyone, even the Norwegian King.

Norway – a outdoorsy nation

Norwegians are proud of their culture and nature. In recent years, there has been a large increase of young people going for walks in the forests, and hiking the mountains. More and more people spend the night outside, and nine out of ten Norwegians claim the outdoors is a part of their everyday life. From the remote Arctic to urban cities, you’ll find Norwegians of all ages celebrating and enjoying the time outdoors, with no concern for the weather. The saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” is typical Norwegian. With the weather changing fast and constantly, Norwegians have learned to be weather-prepared with a positive mindset. They love being outdoors even when the weather is cold, wet or snowy. Being outside and not freezing has become a Norwegian way of living, and Norwegian wool has kept them warm for generations. Wool garments are inseparable from outdoor life, both aesthetically and practically.

Arctic Circle develops high-quality knitwear made out of 100% Norwegian wool. Their collection includes everything from simple and stylish designs, to multicolored garments with intricate patterns. Their clothes are timeless, durable and fashionable, and provide the warmth and comfort that you need.


What products does Arctic Circle sell?

Arctic Circle sells sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, mittens and gloves.

Where can I buy Arctic Circle products?

You can find their products in the Mall of Norway store.

What kind of material do Artic Circle use in their products?

Arctic Circle produces high quality knitwear of 100% Norwegian wool.

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