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Fun winter activities for the whole family

White snow, fresh cold air, freezing temperatures and rosy cheeks — wintertime can be amazingly beautiful, filled with fun! When winter is on the horizon, the possibilities are endless. Discover a new ski paradise, explore snowy walks in the forest with the family and end the day around the bonfire, or make snow castles together. In Norway, winter wonderland is right outside your doorstep, and you can experience beautiful winter activities everywhere across the country. Cold weather is ideal for certain family activities, whether you love spending time on the ice, downhill skiing, or making a snowman. Wondering what to do with the family this winter? We have put together seven great activities that you and your family can enjoy throughout the colder season.

1. Exiting ski slopes for young and old

Norway has a long tradition of skiing, and a lot of ski resorts are family oriented. Get out of bed, put on your boots, and take the kids out to one of the country’s many skiing slopes. Enjoy crystal white powder snow and panoramic views from dusk-till-dawn. Most facilities have several slopes with different levels of difficulty, and the largest facilities have amazing children’s areas, so that parents can keep a close eye on their children and keep a track on their progress. The largest and most popular ski resorts in Norway include Trysil, Hemsedal, Geilo, Kvitfjell and Norefjell.

2. Full speed down the toboggan runs

Tobogganing is just as fun for children as adults, and with two on the toboggan board, it will go even faster. Sit down with your toboggan or sled, and enjoy speed, laughter, and excitement for the whole family. If you want long downhills but cannot bear the heavy ascent, there are several alternatives in Norway. Korketrekkeren is Oslo’s most popular toboggan run. Here you can enjoy an 8-10-minute sleigh ride down the winding toboggan run. Vierli in Rauland has Norway’s largest toboggan center, with slopes up to 1 km long. Here you can also find mini sleds that are perfect for the youngest children.

With the right clothes and exciting activities, wintertime can be eventful for the whole family. But keep in mind the importance of right clothing, to keep you and your family warm and dry while having fun. Dress yourself and your family properly this winter with the three-layer system and never underestimate the importance of wool, so that you can enjoy the cold weather comfortably throughout the winter season.

3. Ice skating — fun on the ice!

Winter is here and the lake is frozen and shining like a mirror. Enjoy trees covered in snow and take the whole family ice skating, it’s fun, healthy, and social. Fill your backpack with something tasty and warm, dress according to the weather conditions, and learn to dance and do pirouettes on your skates. Remember; safety is very important when you are on the ice, always check the ice conditions before you go out on the frozen water.

4. Try ice fishing

Be out in nature, feel the sun on your face, and relax with the thermos easily accessible. Jigging or ice fishing is an exciting and easy activity to enjoy with the little ones. It’s not expensive, and you do not have to teach yourself or the kids to use a rod or a reel. A great winter activity anyone can master. The most important thing to think about is safety on the ice and to dress warm and comfortable, since it’s a sedentary sport. Lower your shoulders, grab a cup of cocoa, and enjoy the silence together while you wait in excitement for the fish to bite.

Dress the family in thick wool sweaters when it’s cold outside to keep you warm and comfortable in any activities, as the wool’s properties are perfectly created for the Northern winter conditions. Read more about popular Norwegian wool brands here.

 5. Make a cozy bonfire

To take a walk in the enchanted snow-covered forest is always a good family activity. Bring hot dogs and hot drinks, make a cozy bonfire, and enjoy the heat while you spend time together. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the crackling warm flames. Teach the little ones how to set up the bonfire properly, it will give them a wonderful feeling of achievement. If you get a little restless, maybe you all can look for animal tracks in the snow?

The warm down jacket is a must-have garment in any winter wardrobe. It is not only a favorite that keeps you and your family nice and warm throughout the winter, but also a super trendy fashion garment that is seen in the fashion scene year after year. Read more about the down jackets from Scandinavian Explorer here.

6. Cross-country skiing for young and old

In Norway, we are lucky enough to go cross-country skiing almost everywhere, but there are some trails that are extra well-adapted for families with a slower pace. Remember to pack your backpack with tasty chocolates and pace yourself with patience, it is important to be well prepared and have enough time when you teach your children cross-country skiing. A few hundred meters may be more than enough for the little ones, and it is nice to set goals and subgoals along the way.

Large parts of the most visited cross-country skiing destinations are located in the Eastern part of Norway and in the central mountain areas, with several beautifully groomed trails for everyone.

7. Play together in the snow

With a lot of snow, there are almost no limits to how much fun you and your family can have together outside. It is only the imagination that sets the limits for what you can build and do together when the country is covered in snow. Put your creativity to test and build your own world of snow. Make a family of snowmen, or beautiful snow lanterns that you can light up when it gets dark.

If it is cold and dry outside and you are very active, it is best to dress in a lighter outdoor jacket with a thicker garment underneath. If it is not raining or the snow isn’t wet, you do not need to have a completely waterproof garment. A thin anorak can be more than enough to move comfortably when you are active, keeping wind and cold air away from your body.