WoolLand is a Norwegian wool brand that produces wool clothes in 100% fine merino wool – at reasonable prices. Their focus on high quality, design, and classic details ensures that their garments are timeless and suits any activity, whether you are hitting the slopes, hiking the hills, or enjoying a walk in the park. Elegant and soft garments you will appreciate for many years.
Woolland top sweater

About WoolLand

WoolLand was established in 2011 by three entrepreneurs who realised the market was in need of a wool concept that focused on both high quality and design. All their products are made of 100% fine merino wool, which you can use for both everyday wear and high-intensity outdoor training. The products were well received by the new customers, and the company has developed steadily and solidly since its inception. WoolLand has grown from being a small three-person project to a company with several employees, and they are proud to create a workplace that is creative and socially responsible. They make clothes that they are proud of, and that themself and their own children would love to wear.

Being outdoors is a big part of Norwegians everyday life. With wool as one of WoolLand most preferred materials, they make products with gorgeous details of high quality for both adults and children. The wool they use in their garments was named “Best in test” by the magazine “Foreldre og barn” in 2016.

WoolLand products

WoolLand produces garments from the softest merino wool of the highest quality. Even those with atopic eczema can wear the garments without itching. The wool they use is pre-shrunk with extra good hold so that the garments do not lose the shape or form during laundry. WoolLand offers collections with sporty basics, tops, trousers, middle layers, and outerwear made of wool, in top Norwegian quality.

Strong focus on design

WoolLand has a huge focus on design and adds stylish details to the garments such as pockets, puff sleeves, lace, buttons, and zippers, made in delicate soft and timeless colours. The garments are treated like fashion clothes, with invisible seams and reinforcements. These are garments you will love to use as basic garments, and as visible everyday garments.

2-in-1 – A new wool concept

It can be challenging to plan hiking trips with the weather variations we experience in the Nordic countries. Therefore, it is important to know that the best hiking experiences start with the right choice of clothing. With high quality garments from WoolLand, you will keep dry, warm, and comfortable during all your outdoor activities, while looking incredibly stylish.

WoolLand produces wool clothes for the whole family with a special concept of designs. The garments are made as a 2-in-1 product, so you do not need to wear anything under, or over the clothes. They also produce garments thicker than ordinary wool underwear and use 100% of the finest merino wool for you to experience the highest comfort. Wool is a delicate material, and their products have reinforcements on the most exposed parts of the garments. The combination of the reinforcements and the thick wool quality gives the garments a very high quality and lifespan.

Active Sport

WoolLand is a brand that appeals to people who live an active and sporty lifestyle; therefore, they have developed a larger sports collection, Active Sport, which is one of their most popular collections. The products are developed with the new Hydroduct technology which gives the garments super-absorbent properties against moisture and sweat. This will ensure that you stay warm even when you experience moisture during your activity.

Merino wool

Norwegians love to be out in nature and have dressed in wool for centuries. Wool keeps you warm and protects against moisture and temperature fluctuations. Merino wool is one of the softest textiles you can wear and is the perfect material for Nordic conditions.

Benefits of merino wool:

Temperature regulator: Keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold.

Moisture transporting: Absorbs sweat quickly and removes moisture from the body during activity.

Itch-free: Beautiful and soft material that will not itch, even if you have atopic eczema.

Antibacterial: Merino wool has a microclimate the bacteria do not thrive in. You do not need to wash the garment as often, so you save both time and the environment. Hang up the garment and air it well, rather than washing it after each single use.


WoolLand only uses merino wool from mulesing-free farms. They never compromise on quality and can guarantee wool of the highest quality in all their products. They produce versatile and timeless clothes made of wool from sheep that roam freely in nature during the grazing season, which are good for the environment. Wool is also a renewable and sustainable material which will last for generations if you care for it properly. By offering good quality products, WoolLand encourages its consumers to invest in durable garments, which is good for the environment and provides a more sustainable consumption. The products from WoolLand will look and feel great for generations.

Online Store

You can find a wide selection of WoolLand products in our online store. Every item in the online store is presented with a detailed picture. Choose colour and size, add to cart, and order. The prices include custom fees, tax and VAT. Mall of Norway has international express shipping with DHL and can deliver to anywhere in the world.


What products does WoolLand sell?

WoolLand offers collections with sporty basics, tops, trousers, middle layers and outerwear made of wool, in top Norwegian quality.

Where can I buy WoolLand products?

You can find their products at the Mall of Norway store.

Does WoolLand use sustainable materials?

Yes! WoolLand only uses merino wool from mulesing-free farms. They never compromise on quality and can guarantee the highest quality wool in all their products.

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