Bambull Half Zip

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    A high-neck sweater perfect for a chilly days outdoors. The high neck keeps the cold away, and should you get warm, just pull down the zipper for a quick cool-down. Our Bambull® baselayers have a two-layer construction that guarantees comfort and warmth. The inner layer is made from bamboo rayon, while the outer layer is made from superfine Merino wool. The combination doesn’t only make the garments soft and warm, they are also 100% itch-free! This baselayer is sown to prevent the skin from ever being in direct contact with the wool, to allow people with sensitive skin or skin allergies to feel warm and comfortable in cold weather. Bambull® Half Zip can be used alone or as an inner layer when you dress using the layering principle. Materiale: 47 % Merino wool, 41 % bamboo rayon, 12 % nylon and elastane Micron: 18,5 – superfine Merino wool.

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