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    The Bambull® crew neck sweater is a multi-functional garment suitable for all women with an active outdoor lifestyle. It’s equally perfect as an inner layer at the office on chilly days. No matter when you want to use it, the unique two-layer construction ensures impeccable comfort and great warmth. The inner layer is made from bamboo rayon and the outer layer from superfine Merino wool. This provides incredible softness and warmth without itching like regular wool might. The Bambull® products are sown so that your skin is never in direct contact with the wool, which ensures that even people with sensitive skin can enjoy our warm woolen base layers. If you’d like to layer up for a hike, the Bambull® Crew Neck will be a great choice for the innermost layer. Material: 47% Merino wool, 41% bamboo rayon and 12 % nylon and elastane.

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