This is Vanita, an Argentinian girl who lives in a hikers paradise called Lofoten Islands. Well, living in a place like this one with the sea at my front door and the most spectacular mountains around, inspires me to cold dip every morning, do a lot of outdoor activities and also go for a walks in nature, all over the place. If you see me in Lofoten, I am probably hiking, kayaking, making fire in the woods, snowshoeing or hunting northern lights during the wintertime. For me, being outdoors, practicing grounding and feeling the energy of nature gives me life. 

My ultimate outdoor experience:

Living in Lofoten gives me the possibility to enjoy the outdoors every single day. I have many hiking paths very near my home so it’s extremely easy to just put on my favorite hiking clothes and start going up the mountains. My latest outdoor experience was kayaking on these beautiful turquoise waters, sailing over dramatic landscapes and stopping by a deserted island for a little coffee break and then come back home with the sun shining in front of us and a huge storm passing by in the distance. 

Hiking tips from Vanita:

I am always checking the weather conditions prior the trip, especially the wind and the hours of light. However, on Lofoten islands where I live, weather can be unpredictable so it’s always better to have layers and a waterproof jacket with you. Depending on the season, I am sometimes carrying with me a head lamp, crampons (if the path gets icy) and a light down jacket to get down the mountain without getting cold. In my backpack you will always find healthy snacks, loads of water and my photography gear. 

Test Pilot of MON:

Since I got the opportunity to be a test pilot of Mall Of Norway, I get to try new brands I haven’t heard about before. I love the softness and high quality of the wool sweaters, the patterns and cool, classic designs. The down jacket has quickly become a must, it’s just so easy to carry with me and keeps me warm as soon as the sun goes down and the evenings turn chilly. 

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