Susanne Byre

My name is Susanne Byre and I really enjoy being in the mountains. I love hiking on the plains, on summit tours, lying in a tent, and experiencing the beautiful nature we have here in Norway. I’m in the mountains as often as I can, all year round! In the summer there are hikes and summit tours with tents, and in the winter there are mountain skis and sleds, randonees or snowshoes. I think there is no doubt that life is at its best.

My ultimate outdoor experience

I have experienced and seen an incredible amount of great things out on tour. Still, a real highlight was when I struggled up Fanaråken in Jotunheimen with over 20kg on my back, found a small spot without a watch, and got to experience the sunset and sunrise of the ages. Then you feel that you live.

Susanne’s hiking tips

To have a good trip, you must have good shoes, enough food and drink, and the proper clothing. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Remember that in the mountains the weather can change very quickly!

Test Pilot for Mall of Norway

I am lucky enough to be a Test Pilot for Mall of Norway, and get to test out different clothes and equipment. With the lifestyle I have, it is important for me to have enough equipment to make the trips safe and comfortable, and I can pass on to others what I think about the equipment.

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