Silje M. Johansen

I am an energetic and adventurous Tromsø girl living in beautiful Trondheim. As I have an office-job in IT, I think it’s fantastic to be more active in my spare time. That’s why I love to train strength and travel in nature, and like to immortalize my experiences with the camera that is always with me. As a social being, I always think that experiences are better when they are shared with others.

My ultimate outdoor experience

I like mountains, forests and the sea, but I am very fascinated by light. So what creates an ultimate experience for me is spectacular light conditions, preferably from a height or surrounded by beautiful nature. The tour experience is always topped off with a coffee and a Kvikklunsj chocolate bar in good company.

Hiking tips from Silje

As a photography enthusiast, my best travel tip is to bring a camera. Pictures immortalize moments and experiences, and the search for good pictures means that at least I see things from perspectives I would otherwise never discover. Taking pictures along the way also provides natural breaks on the trip where you stop and focus on taking in your surroundings. Otherwise, a good backpack, as well as the right clothes and footwear for the trip in question are absolutely essential to have a great experience. Freezing is the worst thing I know and a recipe for a bad mood on me, so I usually choose several layers to be able to easily take off or put on so I don’t get too hot or cold.

Test Pilot for Mall of Norway

As a Test Pilot, I always have the right clothes for the trips and activities I’m going on as I get to choose what I need myself. In addition, I get functional clothes from wonderful Scandinavian brands that maintain good quality so that I can wear the clothes for a long time. The fits have also been super nice so that I can even feel nice when I go out for a walk and take pictures, and that’s a bonus! Last but not least, new hiking and leisure clothes are in themselves another reason to get out and exercise as I always look forward to trying out new clothes.

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