Katrine Reigstad

I live in Bjørnafjorden municipality in Western Norway and work as an environmental therapist on a rotating basis, which involves a lot of work in some periods and more free time during other periods. I am lucky to live in beautiful natural surroundings and to be surrounded by both mountains and the sea. Here is also a short distance to the city mountains in Bergen. I have always been active and happy to move, but my interest in mountain trips has come in the last 5 years. I continuously challenge myself to try out new things in the outdoors, and for the last 2 years have started camping outside a few nights every summer/autumn. Otherwise, I now live very close to the sea and also spend a lot of time here.

My ultimate outdoor experience

My favorite mountain hike so far is Besseggen. I thought there was something magically beautiful about the blue water on one side of the egg and the green on the other side. A trip I recommend to everyone if you are not very afraid of heights. Otherwise, I am most happy to explore mountains that are not yet known. There are many gems just an hour or two’s drive from where I live where I can go without meeting anyone else and at the same time get an absolutely fantastic view.

Katrine’s hiking tips

It might be a good idea to read up a bit first and look at pictures and possibly get tips from local acquaintances. You get a lot of information easily available online and on sites such as ut.no. I myself think that many of the popular mountains in Norway are nicer and easier to visit in spring or autumn when there are fewer other visitors there. Otherwise, my advice is just to enjoy nature the way you like it best, whether it’s quiet little walks or long trips with a lot of equipment and overnight stays. I would also recommend that you take your travel companions into account. Both children and those less used to hiking depend on good experiences to make them want to join new tours again.

Test pilot for Mall of Norway

I am so lucky and am a test pilot for Mall of Norway. What I like most about being their test pilot is that I get access to test out quality Scandinavian garments in outdoor life that I wouldn’t necessarily try out otherwise. Outdoor life is a big part of my life and I depend on good clothes for good experiences. So it’s really nice to be able to join their team and also be lucky enough to try out so many varied and well-known brands that I’m also already a fan of. It is extra nice that it is a Norwegian-owned family business from Flåm that runs the Mall of Norway.

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