4F is an active clothing brand that produces high quality sportswear and casual wear at a reasonable price. They live for sport every day and their products are highly valued by everyday people who enjoy being active and look amazing at the same time. Crossfit, running, aerobics or yoga – whatever you do, 4F covers all your needs with a complete range of stylish sportswear, casual wear, and accessories. Your sport. Your pace. Your style. Whatever route you’re going, it’s right – because it’s yours.

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About 4F

4F is a Polish clothing company established in 2007 with headquarters in Wieliczka, in southern Poland. The company is owned by OTCF S.A. where other subsidiaries include brands such as Outhorn and 4Faces.

4F lives and breathes for sport and supports you with high-tech sportswear and sport style apparel to enjoy every activity in your own way, whatever you love to do. Their product line consists of high-quality sport and casual wear, and accessories. With their team of young, talented, and enthusiastic people, they ensure “state-of-the-art” technology, which goes hand in hand with functionality and the latest trends in sports and design.

4F partnership with the Polish Olympic Committee

In 2008 4F entered a partnership with the Polish Olympic Committee, and since then they have designed Olympic outfits for 7 national representations – teams of Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Slovakia, and Lithuania. Each collection is designed by a team of specialized sportswear designers and technologists through a 2-year-long process. The brand has dressed athletes for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, PyeongChang and Tokyo 2020. In addition, they are in constant collaboration with national sports associations such as skiing, biathlon, athletics, handball, and speed skating.

Chosen by athletes

Thanks to the close collaboration with the professional sports community and athletes, 4F is associated as a brand for active people. 4F strives for partnerships with like-minded souls, and they partner up with professionals who dedicate their lives to sports. The ambassadors of 4F use and test the performance of their products long before they appear in championships to ensure high quality sportswear for 4F customers. Their partners include the Polish medalist in karate, Anna Lewandowska, the Polish volleyball player and one of the world’s best players, Wilfredo León, as well as the Slovak biathlete-champion Paulína Fialková. Working with the best athletes helps 4F develop and explore the latest technologies to create vibrant and fashionable designs for everyone.

4F products

4F produces a wide range of high-quality sportswear and casual wear at a reasonable price. They live for sports every day and their products are valued by both medalists and everyday people who enjoy being active.

Their product collection consists of sportswear, casual wear, and accessories, such as down jackets, down vests, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, flip-flops, socks, and drinking bottles. The products are characterized by high quality, contemporary design, and affordable price, and the product line is constantly growing and under development. They combine comfortable and technical sporty outfits of high quality with a fashionable style, so you can look good and enjoy each activity in your own way. Crossfit, running, hiking or yoga – whatever you love, 4F covers all your needs with a complete range of stylish sportswear, casual wear and accessories.

Sporty fashion

Fashion is giving sportswear an uplift in credibility while sportswear is giving functionality to fashion, like wicking effectiveness, odor resistance or stretchy textures. Instagram transformed a sporty trend into a holistic lifestyle. Numerous celebrities and fitness influencers started to mix and match leggings with non-sportswear to make their outfits more versatile, which in turn, motivated their millions of followers to adopt a more laid-back appearance. It is no secret that we all want to look good when we exercise or are out with friends. 4F offers athletic high-tech sportswear that fits well on virtually every body type, designed in contemporary patterns and colors, for a stylish and comfortable style.

Athleisure trend

Athleisure refers to sporty apparel that people can wear in a non-athletic setting. Combining functionality with style, the athleisure trend has taken a huge importance for sportswear popularity in today’s fashion scene. Informal but sporty clothing designed to be worn when you are relaxing or in a high intensity workout, has become super popular. Whether you are in a gym or out in the city, you can see women wearing leggings, crop tops, and sports bras while men are spotted in sweatpants, hoodies, and sneakers. Everyone looks like they have just finished a workout in the gym while grabbing a cup of coffee or smoothie. People are in need of comfortable clothing, to feel healthy, fresh and relaxed, and to embody the athletic and casual style in one is what athleisure is all about. 4F allows you to blur the boundaries between training clothes and everyday wear with sporty, casual, and comfortable sportswear. It is fashionable and functional garments for those who love a sporty everyday look.

Popular products

Seamless underwear in navy for men is made of 4FSkin technology that adapts perfectly to the body and ensures comfort and maximum freedom of movement. The snug fit guarantees excellent thermal comfort and the 4FDry technology helps to wick moisture away efficiently even during the most intensive activities. Perfect to use as a first layer of clothing.

Sweatshirt for women in dark blue made of soft fabric for everyday comfort and a casual style. The sweater has a loose and relaxed fit with a taped neckline that prevents chafing. The perfect everyday sweater to use at the gym or when you are out with friends.

4F functional leggings in dark blue for women made of quick-drying fabric in 4FDry technology. Flexible fabric and wide, double-layered, high-waisted waistband ensure comfort during your training.

Down jacket for men is a long and comfortable jacket that provides good thermal comfort on colder days. The jacket has a YKK zip secured with an internal wind flap to prevent heat loss and a high collar with an integrated hood for extra protection against weather and wind. This is a fantastic jacket for the fashion-conscious who wants to be stylish and warm.

Online Store

You can find a wide selection of 4F products in our online store. Every item in the online store is presented with a detailed picture. Choose color and size, add to cart, and order. The prices include custom fees, tax and VAT. Mall of Norway has international express shipping with DHL and can deliver to anywhere in the world.


What products does 4F sell?

The product range consists of sportswear and casual wear, and accessories, such as down jackets, down vests, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, caps, sandals, socks, and drinking bottles.

Who are the 4F clothes suitable for?

4F offers athletic high-tech sportswear that fits well on virtually every body type. It is for everyday people who enjoy being active and look amazing at the same time.

Where can I buy 4F products?

You can find their products at the Mall of Norway online store and have them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.